Patricia Heenan, author of Kevin and Me: Tourette Syndrome and the Magic Power of Music Therapy (Hope Press), has been active in education for 35 years, including 14 years in language and communications and four years as the enrollment director of Insight Seminars.

Heenanís teaching and education administration background includes a stint as Director of the German Department at Southwestern University, and twelve years teaching Intensive English to non-English speaking students at the University of Texas in Austin. She has also served as a language consultant in association with IBM for eight years, providing support, mediation, and orientation as well as language education for foreign staff members and their families. She currently also lectures on Tourette syndrome and music therapy at conferences and seminars throughout the region. This past November, she spoke at the American Music Therapy Association national conference.

Since the late 1980s, she has specialized in pre-cognitive re-education, a methodology that allows people to alleviate tension, release negative beliefs, and remove emotional blocks in relationships. According to Heenan, the pre-cognitive or subconscious mind stores thought patterns (mental, emotional, and physical), often completely unrecognized by the conscious minds. These subconscious programs can be positive or negative, affecting all aspects of our lives for good or ill.

Heenan has a Bachelor of Arts in German from Sophie Newcomb College in New Orleans and a Masters of Arts in German from Tulane University. She has also done post-baccalaureate work at the Goethe Institute in Rothenberg, Germany and at the University of Texas at Austin.

Kevin and Me reveals how music therapy assisted her son Kevin in his lifelong struggle with Tourette syndrome. Music therapy is a powerful new tool in addressing this neurological disorder.