Kevin and Me: Tourette Syndrome and the Magic Power of Music Therapy is a heartfelt memoir of a single mother who struggled with her son's Tourette syndrome and discovered music therapy as a magical influence on him and their relationship. Her courageous story covers Kevin's life from age five when his TS tics first appeared to his late twenties when he transformed from a violent man into a peaceful person.

The author relates her personal account of music therapy with Kevin, a person with Tourette syndrome, developmental and learning disabilities, ADHD, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Kevin and Me will inspire parents, psychologists, teachers, and medical professionals to explore music therapy as a medium for reaching children and adults with Tourette syndrome. Modern music therapy began after World War I and slowly gained acceptance in mainstream medical circles. Music therapy services are available in private centers, hospitals, and school districts.


"In her study of courage, strife, and hope, Patricia Heenan shares her process of living through her son's severe behavioral disability. Her words are as moving as the music which she and her son find healing. The silence of a soul screaming for help is deafening to the person who loves him. Experience Kevin's breaking of his silence through the music and Patricia's surrendering to the art of loving."

      -- Hope Young
      RMT-BC,  Founder, Center for Music Therapy,
      Austin, Texas

“Your book is astounding! I was so moved to read about the changes that took place for you and Kevin and the ways in which your relationship was transformed. I have never seen a music therapy session, but from your description, I felt as though I were a fly on the wall! I have no doubt that this book will help many parents whose loved ones are struggling with Tourette syndrome.”

      -- Wendie Brannen
      LCSW-ACSW, Hospice Social Worker with VistaCare
      Macon, Georgia

“Patricia Heenan's remarkable book shows how much music therapy benefits her son with Tourette syndrome, ADHD, obsessive compulsive disorder, and learning disabilities. This is one treatment approach that is clearly free of 'side effects.'”

       -- David E. Comings, M.D.
      ADHD Clinic, City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, California

"My disorder affected me like Kevin's did - tics, rage attacks, and obsessions. I'm seeking music therapy to experience the benefits described in this book."

       -- Adam Reller
      19-year old with Tourette syndrome